Suanne Schafer

SCAN3966Suanne was born in West Texas in the midst of the Cold War. She remembers with some fondness that grade school drills for tornados and nuclear disasters were the same: crawl under your desk and kiss your rear-end goodbye. Her family moved constantly across the United States, mostly in Tornado Alley. The frequent changes of scenery precluded a stable childhood, yet provided fodder for writing. She’s had a checkered series of careers: artist, travel photographer, kindergarten teacher in Italy, and medical photographer. She has lived abroad and traveled extensively.

Currently she is a retired family practice physician. In October 2014 she completed the Stanford University Creative Writing Certificate Program. Oddly, her Stanford certificate is framed and hanging on the wall. Her medical school diploma is still sitting in the closet. She is currently fiction editor of Empty Sink Publishing, a literary magazine.



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