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Book Review THE QUEEN OF HEARTS by Kimmery Martin

Kimmery Martin’s debut novel, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS, is engrossing, from the medical setting to the cast of characters. There are some marvelous one-liners and three-year-old Delaney steals the show with her dialogue and actions. The story is told in two points of view and two timelines (the present and the main characters’ third year of medical school when one of them has an affair with a sexy chief resident). First we meet Zadie, a part-time pediatric cardiologist and full-time mother with a loving, but largely absent spouse. Her chapter is followed up by Emma’s. Also a physician/mother/spouse, she is Zadie’s best friend from childhood. Their friendship endures the rigors of medical school and beyond. As a physician, I enjoyed the true-to-life medical aspects underlying the human drama as well as the various subplots. My only complaint is that the two women, though they were childhood friends and physicians, had very different backgrounds. I realize that Emma worked hard to overcome her childhood poverty and Appalachian accent, but still I’d have liked a bit more difference in their...

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Book Review of THIS I KNOW by Eldonna Edwards

Eldonna Edwards’s new book, This I Know, will be published by Kensington April 24, 2018, A truly remarkable story about clairvoyance, faith, and self-acceptance, This I Know‘s protagonist, Grace Carter has the Knowing, a type of clairvoyance which allows her to talk to her twin brother who died at birth, and to visit her mother when she goes into a coma after a suicide attempt. At various times, Grace predicts the future, finds lost objects, and sees into the past. Born into a family headed by an Evangelical preacher father who sees her gifts as being nigh onto witchcraft, Grace is forced to hide...

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Interview with Kimmery Martin, author of THE QUEEN OF HEARTS

SS:Kimmery Martin, author of the upcoming February 13, 2018 release The Queen of Hearts, is a physician, book reviewer, author interviewer, travel blogger, obsessive reader, and general all-around literary nerd who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and three children. The Queen of Hearts is her first novel. Welcome to a fellow physician, Kimmery. First, please tell us what The Queen of Hearts is about. KM: Two physicians—a trauma surgeon and a cardiologist—navigate marriage, motherhood, and a series of professional errors even as a long-buried secret from medical school threatens their friendship. Think of it as a fusion of Big Little Lies and...

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Book Review of Indecent by Corrine Sullivan

Indecent by Corinne Sullivan begins with a rather idyllic look at the privileged teenaged boys attending a private boarding school, a view akin to Old School by Tobias Wolff, which is also mentioned in the book (as is Prep: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld.

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Interview with Melissa Bennett, author of HIDDEN THORNS

A belated happy book birthday to Melissa Bennett. Her novel, Hidden Thorns, came out yesterday, January 22, 2018. To celebrate, I’m interviewing her. She credits her southern upbringing for turning her into a die-hard romantic. Her debut novel, Hidden Thorns, is a romantic suspense story, strongly influenced by her Christian faith. 

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Interview with Carrie Nichols, author of THE MARINE’S SECRET DAUGHTER

Today I’m interviewing Carrie Nichols, the author of The Marine’s Secret Daughter, a romance about forgiveness and second chance. Carrie  is a hardy New Englander transplanted to the deep South, where two inches of snow can bring a city like Atlanta to its knees. She loves to travel, is addicted to British crime dramas, and knows a Seinfeld quote appropriate for every occasion.

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Interview with Anna Quinn, Author of THE NIGHT CHILD

A writer and teacher, Anna owns The Writers’ Workshoppe and Imprint Books in Port Townsend, WA. She has thirty years of experience teaching and leading writing workshops across the country. Her writing has appeared in various literary journals and texts, including Literature Circles and Response, Practical Aspects of Authentic Assessment, Instructor, Tidepools, IS Literary Magazine, Manifest-Station, Lit-Fest Anthology, 2016, and Washington 129 Anthology. Anna’s first novel, The Night Child, was acquired in a world rights deal by Blackstone Publishing, and will be published Jan. 30th, 2018.

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