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Book One of the B&B Mystery Series, Better Dead, Pamela Kopfler’s cozy mystery, debuted on December 26, 2017 and is currently available in multiple venues. Pamela, like myself, is a member of Authors ’18, a group of writers having debut novels arriving in 2018 via traditional publication. We are supporting each other as we learn the ins and outs of publication and promotion.

I’ve previously reviewed Better Dead here on my website, and to follow up, I caught up with the sassy Ms. Kopfler in a short interview:

Author Pamela Kopfler

Author Pamela Kopfler

SS: Tell me about yourself. 
PK: My husband and I have a blended family of five, which is sometimes a circus and sometimes wonderful, but always a blessing. I count my days on earth by the lives dogs adopted. My current fur baby is a solid black standard poodle who thinks he’s the sixth child. Between you and me, he is.

SS: How did you get into writing?
PK: I took the scenic route, as I often do. I was hosting a home and garden show on a local TV station, telling Southern anecdotal stories on a local NPR affiliate when I met Mr. Deluxe, my current husband. After a year of our long distance relationship, he popped the big question, but someone had to move. That someone was me. The only marketable skill that survived the move was my ability to write, so write I did.

SS: What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
PK: Read a good book. Walk my big black poodle. Try a new restaurant or an old favorite. Paint. Cook. Decorate. Garden. Watch the Tigers or the Saints play. Travel. I don’t get to do these things as much as I’d like, but each interest fills the well that spills out stories.

SS: Where did you get the idea?
PK: The inspiration for BETTER DEAD came during a writers’ retreat at Nottoway Plantation in Louisiana. The organizer challenged the authors to write a ghost story in the spirit of Lord Byron’s challenge to Mary Shelly to write a supernatural story at a retreat in 1816. Shelly gave us the classic Frankenstein. Pamela twisted Frankenstein and added a funny bone when she remembered a lament of many women going through divorce. It would have been easier if he’d just died. But what if he did die and he came back as a ghost? That thought sparked the premise for BETTER DEAD.

Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler

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