Book Review: All This Life by Joshua Mohr

Book Review: All This Life by Joshua Mohr

UnknownHaving read all of Mohr’s books, this is definitely my favorite, a five star read, for sure.

As someone who kept a bust of Albert Einstein on my desk in college, I was hooked by the first line of Joshua Mohr’s All This Life with it’s rephrasing of Einstein’s famous equation into E = mc despaired.

Mohr does a wonderful job capturing life in San Francisco.

What follows is a story that is darkly cynical, yet jauntily humorous, as well as an anthropological dissection of our lives and social media. Mohr deftly ties together the lives of seven people, each character is fully realized, from the emotionally restricted father-son pair of Paul and Jake; Noah, the go-Unknown-1getter and his wifty sister, Tracey; Sara, the waitress/sex tape star, and her brain-damaged ex-boyfriend, Rodney; and Rodney’s caricaturist mother, Kathleen. Their lives are irrevocably bound when Jake, a typical teenager with a penchant for technology captures a horrible event on the Golden Gate Bridge and posts it on-line. There lives intertwine from there and come full circle in a blazing climax on the Golden Gate Bridge. Jake’s action forces us to evaluate our lives and their over-exposure on social media, whether we truly need to “share” every moment of our lives, and are we not entitled to some privacy to grieve.

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