Indecent by Corinne Sullivan begins with a rather idyllic look at the privileged teenaged boys attending a private boarding school, a view akin to Old School by Tobias Wolff, which is also mentioned in the book (as is Prep: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfeld.

The protagonist, Imogene, a middle class girl from Buffalo, New York, fantasizes from an early age about attending such a boarding school with its skirt and blazer uniforms and all the connotations of wealth and status. With body dysmorophic problems, bad skin, conical boobs, Imogene feels isolated. Her love life has been a bust. After graduating from college, she accepts a position as a teaching assistant at Vandenberg School for Boys, an all-boys prep school in Westchester, New York. When Adam Kipling, a popular, charming seventeen-year-old boy, seduces her, Imogene convinces herself that he loves her as much as she loves him.

This is well-written in such a close point of view that the reader always knows it’s Imogene’s story. The reader feels the rumble of the train coming down the tracks but is helpless to keep Imogene from being hit by the freight train of her obsession with Kip.