Eldonna Edwards’s new book, This I Know, will be published by Kensington April 24, 2018,

A truly remarkable story about clairvoyance, faith, and self-acceptance, This I Know‘s protagonist, Grace Carter has the Knowing, a type of clairvoyance which allows her to talk to her twin brother who died at birth, and to visit her mother when she goes into a coma after a suicide attempt. At various times, Grace predicts the future, finds lost objects, and sees into the past. Born into a family headed by an Evangelical preacher father who sees her gifts as being nigh onto witchcraft, Grace is forced to hide her talents. Her father resents her on some level because she survived, adding to his household full of girls, and her brother didn’t.

I was immediately carried into this book by Grace’s childish voice as she recognizes her missing half, her dead brother, from a photograph of her mother when she was pregnant with the twins. Her voices matures as she matures, and as she learns to accept herself and her Knowing despite her father’s antipathy.

Eldonna Edwards

Set in the hippie era, lesbian love, free-love, and Jesus Freaks play counterpoint to Evangelical Christian beliefs in a cohesive whole.