The Fruit of the Fallen by J.C. Burnham

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A dying nun thrusts a baby into the arms of Dr. Jonathan Keats. His life alters dramatically from that point. All he know is that the child’s name is Serenity, and she must be protected at all costs. His quest for answers leads him to Europe where he discovers intrigue within the Vatican involving an ancient secret religious faction.

A story laced with prophecies, angels, demons, hellhounds, The Fruit of the Fallen pulls motifs from Christian theology and mixes it with murder and intrigue.

A coming of age story, Serenity must traverse the road to adulthood and her future—without knowing her past. She’s essentially lived “on the run” with only her grandmother to rely on. Thinking her grandmother dead, Serenity places her trust in Tal, a young man she’s deeply drawn to. But which side is he on—good or evil?

A well-written book, The Fruit of the Fallen is not preachy despite abounding with religious overtones. I would liked to have seen more emotionality in the work (more teenaged angst, more internal debate on whether Serenity should trust Tal or others trying to help her). Overall, The Fruit of the Fallen is a nice middle to upper grade young adult book.


Dr. Jonathan Keats’ life is turned upside down when an infant is thrust into his arms by a dying nun, a child she calls Serenity. His search to identify the child carries him to Europe and to a secret religious society hiding a prophecy of unimaginable proportions, one that foretells the coming apocalypse.

Seventeen year old Serenity has always known she was different. When she begins hearing strange voices and is attacked by an evil creature, she is forced to consider a frightening possibility. To complicate matters, she finds herself drawn to a mysterious young man with a dark secret. Little does she know that her love for this fallen angel could destroy all she holds dear. In The Fruit of the Fallen, their every action, every decision, could decide the fate of the world.

“Gripping and brimming with life! The Fruit of the Fallen explodes into a globe-trotting adventure featuring vast conspiracies, secret religious societies, biblical prophesies, angels, demons and other beasts drawn straight from the pages of Catholic and Gnostic religious mythologies.” -Kirkus Discoveries

“A rip-roaring adventure that moves at lightning speed. The Fruit of the Fallen is a classic tale of good versus evil that keeps you guessing right up to the very last page. I can’t recommend this book enough!” -Deborah Johnson, author of The Air Between Us