Tryst at the Brighton Inn by Alicia Rasley

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Tryst at the Brighton Inn is my first Alicia Rasley book, though she’s been on my to-read list for a while. I’ve taken her writing classes and love her writing and editing. This new novel is apparently a new writing endeavor for her—a Regency cozy mystery.

A storm confines the characters to an inn. Matt and Natasha, the love interest, are interesting—she a Russian “princess” and he a Navy surgeon. I enjoyed that Matt was a physician with enough training and medical knowledge to solve a conundrum without fancy modern techniques, and that Natasha was an elusive character. The sexual attraction is downplayed and subtle in keeping with the Regency and cozy mystery genres as well as leaving room for their relationship to develop further in the series. I enjoyed this although I’m not a big Regency fan.

Note: I received a free copy of this book through the Kindle Scout program.


It’s a decade after Napoleon’s defeat, but the war still haunts even the victors. Linked by family and by grief, divided by social class, Russian émigré Natasha and ship’s doctor Matthew have lived for years in mutual distrust. But when she’s suspected of killing a man from her past, she reaches out to Sir Matthew for help. It takes both his medical training and her intuition to solve the mystery of the murder at the Brighton Inn—and the secret of her own troubled past.