Wolfshadow by by Robert Edward Graham and C.S. Fuqua

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Wolfshadow by Robert Edward Graham and C.S. Fuqua is an odd, but delightful, mix of world mythologies (Christian, Buddhist, Native American, Hindu) and science blended into a cohesive whole in which the Native American Wolfshadow battles Mahu, the most negative force in the universe, powerful and chaotic. Though basically a dystopian novel, there is hope here that we humans can overcome our self-destructive selves through self-sacrifice and bonding with the oneness of nature, through our abilities rather than the deus-ex-machina miracles promoted by some religions.

Normally I race through books, but I found myself setting Wolfshadow aside so my nightly reunions with Jim Pleasant Wolfshadow would continue as long as possible.

A thought-provoking and interesting read.



A ruby-colored slab of alien origin, discovered during an ongoing mission to Mars, goes largely ignored back on Earth because of rising fear and unrest over bizarre and destructive events, each worse than the previous, as future-based “time ripples” rip through the world.

Hoping to stop the disruption, a team of scientists at Nattech, Inc., Earth’s major conglomerate, design a Timespace Interdimensional Disruptor to send an operative into the future to eliminate the cause—except the man they’ve chosen isn’t exactly eager to volunteer. Jim Pleasant Wolfshadow, Cheyenne native, former Navy SEAL, and Nattech Special Assignments Operative, resigned from Nattech following a terrorist bombing which killed his wife, a bombing that he was unable to prevent, a bombing for which he wrongly blames himself. He has no intention of jumping into an unknown future when so much is once again on the line—until his best friend, Max, Nattech’s lead science officer, vanishes. Unwilling to lose another loved one, Wolfshadow takes the assignment. Accompanied by a shape-shifting entity who claims to have been with him since birth, Wolfshadow finds himself battling the source of Earth’s mayhem, an other-dimensional, megalomaniacal entity, determined to conquer and rule Earth by restoring its full strength through the ruby megalith from Mars.