Book Review: Wolfshadow by Robert Edward Graham and C.S. Fuqua

Wolfshadow Book Cover Wolfshadow
Robert Edward Graham and C.S. Fuqua
Science fiction, dystopian fiction
Ursa Major Books

The world's governments have degenerated to the point that corporations control everything. The largest conglomerate, Nattech, Inc, has designed a machine to disrupt the time-space continuum and plans to send a man into the future.

Jim Pleasant Wolfshadow, a former Navy Seal, Nattech operative, and Cheyenne Native American, doesn't particularly want to jump into the unknown. But when his best friend, Max, disappears, Jim takes the unwanted assignment. He is accompanied by a shape-shifter cat who has shadowed him since birth. Wolfshadow learns he is the "Expected One" and that Max is being used as bait to lure him into a battle with Mahu, the most powerful negative force in the universe.

Wolfshadow by Robert Edward Graham and C.S. Fuqua is an odd, but delightful, mix of world mythologies (Christian, Buddhist, Native American, Hindu) and science blended into a cohesive whole in which the Native American Wolfshadow battles Mahu, the most negative force in the universe, powerful and chaotic. Though basically a dystopian novel, there is hope here that we humans can overcome our self-destructive selves through self-sacrifice and bonding with the oneness of nature, through our abilities rather than the deus-ex-machina miracles promoted by some religions.

Normally I race through books, but I found myself setting Wolfshadow aside so my nightly reunions with Jim Pleasant Wolfshadow would continue as long as possible.

A thought-provoking and interesting read.



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