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The Gross Clinic and A Different Kind of Fire

My book, A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIRE, is about an eighteen-year-old woman who goes to Philadelphia to study at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). I will be blogging about some of the paintings and artists she encounters while at school. As as former physician, I have always been fascinated by The Gross Clinic, so of course, the painting had to be featured in the book. 

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My Love Affair with Tarzan

Like thousands of other girls growing up in the fifties and sixties, I adored the Ape Man. The British anthropologist and naturalist, Jane Goodall admits her study of chimpanzees was an attempt to fulfill her dream of living among the apes like Tarzan. I envision a serious chick-fight between myself and Jane Goodall over the King of the Jungle. Like Goodall, I’m convinced I’d have been a better wife for Tarzan than Jane Porter, the American girl he married.

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Author Suanne Schafer: The Art of Words.

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Author Suanne Schafer: The Art of Words.

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