Computer problems

I got one of those random messages asking me if I wanted to update iCloud. So I said yes. Big mistake!!! I got involved in one of this endless loops that whatever you click on sends youback to click on the prior button. I finally had to turn off the computer to get of the the loop. Unfortunately, every time I clicked, iCloud started backing up to my iMac. I ended up wth 2-4 different copies of everything. Had to run MacKeeper’s duplicates finger to find the dupes. Plus, at some point, my iMac backed up to my Mac Air laptop which now has the iMac’s desktop. The desktop of the iMac disappeared completely and had to be reconfigured. I did more dupe finding tonight. Had to reinstall Pages, but cannot get MS Word to work on the iMac, but it does on the laptop. I’M TIRED OF THIS!!


I bought my first Mac in 1984 and have used them continuously since. Two Macs ago the video card died within a month, and Apple sent an updated newer model to replace it. This most recent trauma was a really screwy thing. Even Mac assistance, with two people, couldn’t help. I figured this one out on my own.



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