A Different Kind of Fire

My novel, A Different Kind of Fire, features a woman artist in the 1890s as she struggles to reconcile art, career, motherhood, lovers, and marriage. Sounds like nothing much has changed from women since then. Waldorf Publishing says it will be out sometime in 2018. They have picked up my second novel, as yet unnamed, for 2019.


I have sent out copies of my novel to get cover blurbs and reviews. The first came back from the very kind Alicia Rasley, best-selling Amazon author of The Year She Fell. Many thanks to Alicia for such a kind review.


Suanne Schafer’s A Different Kind of Fire is a powerful story of a Gilded Age artist who brooks convention both in her art and her love. Read this book: It has both the depth of emotion of a modernist novel and the epic scope of a historical saga.

Alicia Rasley, author of The Year She Fell, Amazon bestseller


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