Getting a debut novel to the public

My debut novel, A Different Kind of Fire, is coming out in 2018. I’ve been hopelessly bogged down in researching marketing and learning that, not only do I know nothing, there are so many theories and get-rich-quick schemes out there it’s hard to formulate a coherent plan. Waldforf, my publisher, will help with some of it, but I know I’ll need to pitch in.

I’ve spent so much time reading volumes of marketing material and done nothing to advance the word count of my second novel. I keep reminding myself that I am doing something important (learning to sell books is equally as important as writing and editing them) and that I need to allow time for the research and processing of the information. so it’s important to devote time to the process. And not to make myself feel like I’m not doing anything important.

I’ve been building my followers on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter. And looking at cool things to give as swag. All of which takes time from writing.

Next on my list is reworking my website and making it more sleek and easier to navigate.

I’ve been fortunate that so many kind folks have written cover blurbs and reviews for A Different Kind of Fire. This lovely one comes from USAToday best-selling author Pamela Morsi.

Writer Suanne Schafer spins a unique tale of a turn of the 20th century Texas heroine and her way of artistic expression. Her paintings shock her contemporaries and the love she’s drawn to shocks herself. A DIFFERENT KIND OF FIRE depicts the journey of a determined woman to meet life on her own terms.
Pamela Morsi, USAToday Bestselling Author of THE COTTON QUEEN and BITSY’S BAIT & BBQ
Covers for two of Ms. Morsi’s books, including my favorite, Simple Jess, which has a truly unique male protagonist.

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