Winifred Sanford, Author, 1890–1983.

imagesWinifred Sanford, Author, 1890–1983.

Winifred Sanford’s work, which has been compared to Katherine Ann Porter’s, first appeared in January 1925 in The American Mercury, a magazine edited by H. L. Mencken. They corresponded on a regular basis, and he became her mentor. Her short stories offered vibrant pictures of life during the post World War I oil booms. Three of her stories were listed in The Best American Short Stories of 1926. A lengthy illness which kept her bedridden for a year, after which no further writings were published. She slipped into obscurity after publishing only a handful of stories between 1925 and 1931. In 1980, she  published privately a collection of thirteen of her fifteen stories. Clint Eastwood produced a movie in 1995, The Stars Fell on Henrietta, based on her story, “Luck.”


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